Gorgeous Angie is a “clothes horse” who loves nothing more than to find new, sexy, skintight outfits to showcase her body. She also enjoys the outdoors and is very fond of any activity that gets her out and back to nature, such as camping, bird watching, and hiking. In her spare time, she likes to play card games.


Age 18
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Card games is something I came to relatively late in life,” Angie admits. “I wasn’t always into them, but once I started playing them, I just couldn’t stop. I love the idea that you have this endless number of permutations that can occur within a finite number of cards. When I was younger, I didn’t even understand elementary school math problems that involved statistics based on decks of cards, because I didn’t understand what was in a typical deck of playing cards. They actually had to stop and teach me that, you know, there are four kings, four jacks, four queens, and so on, that there are four suites and two of them are red while two of them are black. Once I got over the embarrassment of having to be taught about decks of cards in math class, I got obsessed. I remember we did this unit in school that was about building houses of cards, so I became obsessed with building the ultimate house of cards. I got really good at it too. I could make these multi-story card houses, and then I took a lot of pleasure in knocking them over. But my love of playing with cards never left me, and now I play everything from Poker to Solitaire and everything in between.”

Angie admits that she still loves regular Solitaire most of all. “When people talk about playing Solitaire, they’re really talking about a card game called Klondike,” she explains. “I like playing Solitaire and I always do it with the rules set up so that it is as difficult as possible. You know, you draw three cards at a time when you draw, that kind of thing. I love to be challenged. I don’t win many games, but when I do win a game of solitaire, I feel like I have really earned it. And I like the feeling of the cards in my hands. You can buy these casino-played cards, cards that have actually been used in gambling houses. They typically punch a hole in them or cut the corners or otherwise mark them so that you can’t bring the used cards back into the casino. That prevents gamblers from marking the cards invisibly and then using them to cheat. I just love the idea that the deck of cards I’m playing with has seen some real action, however brief that might have been. I have always imagined those places go through decks of cards like they are going out of style.”

Her love of clothes, Angie explains, keeps her pretty busy. “When you’re the proud owner of a body that looks this good, there is a lot of responsibility on you to be as sexy as possible,” she says. “You don’t see those professional online models, the ones who spend all day posting pictures to their Instagram accounts, posting pictures looking like slobs. They always look good because they take good care of themselves and they care about their appearance. Well, my love of clothes is part of my love of myself and my love of looking good. You have to shop for a long time to find outfits that fit you just perfectly. That’s because every woman has a body with slightly different dimensions. Even two women who are the same dress size will find the same dress in the same size fits each of them a little differently, based on their curves and the way their bodies are shaped. So what you have to do is be prepared to invest a lot of time in shopping for clothes. Unless you are getting them tailored, you need to do a lot of looking around to find those devastatingly sexy outfits that look like they were just painted on you in place.”

Angie loves to look sexy, she admits, and she does not care who knows. “If I can have any wish,” she says, “it is to make a man lose his mind with desire when I pass him. I want his head to turn. I want his mind to fill with images of the things he wishes we could do together. I want to know that I’ve caught his desire and his imagination. And if he has something to say about that to me, it isn’t going to offend me. If he can’t help but speak up, I know I’m doing pretty well. I know that I am sexy and I dressed well.”