Slinky little Carrie is a submissive woman who is happiest when she’s out socializing with her friends and neighbors. She stays in shape by spending as much time in swimming pools as she can, and she also enjoys long evenings spent in hot tubs. She’s not above spending some time in the shower with a good friend, too.


Age 19
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I love the water,” says Carrie. “I had a boyfriend once who called me his little water nymph. Water nymphs were mythological creatures that lived in water and were known for their healthy sexual appetites. There are some ancient legends that say water nymphs would draw sailors to their deaths by being incredibly sexy. The sailors would look into the water, see the incredible naked bodies of the nymphs, and jump into the water. The nymphs would either drag them down into the watery depths, depending on which legend you believe, or they would make love to them over and over again, until the sailors died from exhaustion. That’s where the term ‘nymphomaniac’ or ‘nympho’ comes from, you know. It’s from those old myths about these creatures that just couldn’t get enough sex. Well, you can imagine why my boyfriend would call me that. I’m absolutely insatiable, and whenever possible, I like to be in the water.”

Carrie goes on, “I like to stay in nice hotels when I travel. The ones that have those nice pools and hot tubs that all the guests can use, you know? Some of them are really nice, with landscaping and fake rocks to make them look like these fabulous grottos. I like to stay in a hotel that has that kind of hot tub or pool, because I like to spend as much time seeing other people and being seen as I can. I want strangers to see me as a sexual being. I want men who see me to be absolutely fascinated by my nearly naked body. So when I stay at a hotel with a pool or a hot tub, I put on my tiniest, skimpiest string bikini, and I go hang out down by the water, or in it. I love it when you go to the pool late at night and there’s like, one guy in there, or maybe a guy and his girlfriend. I do a little swimming, and I do a lot of laying around, and I do my best to give whoever is there a very nice show. I want them turned on and exited. Sometimes I’ll even think about picking somebody up, or picking up a young couple who is looking for a threesome adventure. I suppose that’s very naughty, but it’s what I like. I think life should lived on the edge and to its fullest.”

Water itself is something that Carrie finds very pleasurable. “I swim whenever I can,” she says. “It’s how I keep my body looking tight and toned. I like to swim, too, because I find being in water to be very sensual. I’ve never been too sure why. I like to make love when my hair’s still wet from the pool or the shower. Guys seem to like the wet hair thing too, although I don’t pretend to know why that is. I don’t understand it myself, so I can hardly criticize. But the more time I spend in the water, the sexier I feel, even if my fingers start to prune up a little. I think we all have a fantasy, and those movies where a couple gets close in the water, like in a pool or the ocean, that is one of my fantasy scenarios. I have always liked the idea of that. I think about it all the time. I probably am very much oversexed.”

Carrie has a healthy social life and enjoys hanging out with her friends and neighbors. “I don’t know what I would do with myself if I couldn’t spend time with my friends,” she says. “The hours just slide by when you can spend them in good company. Maybe on some level we’re all just killing time with the brief amount we’ve got on Earth. Maybe that’s something I’ll think about later when I’m older. But to me, you might as well spend your time as enjoyably as possible. Good company makes all the difference in the world.”

Carrie admits that when she gets to know somebody, it isn’t uncommon for very good friends to become friends with benefits. “I think you naturally start to think along romantic lines when you establish a connection with someone,” she says. “That’s just the way men and women interact. I love to get to know someone, and I love to get close to them. But with that always comes the possibility for more. That’s very exciting.”