Elegant Fiona is an incredible specimen who believes her gorgeous, taut body is the greatest gift a woman can give the world around her. She spends a lot of time working out, with special focus paid to her rear end, which she believes is her best feature. She likes to volunteer at animal shelters in her spare time, and is also very good at miniature golf.


Age 27
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“There’s nothing more important for a woman to be than sexy,” she says. “That’s because the world is an ugly place. Bringing beauty into the world to cut that ugliness is incredibly important. It’s so important that we don’t even think about it. We don’t stop to consider it, and that’s a real shame. A hot girl who lets herself go, like some of those pop music starlets, has committed a kind of crime against society. Remember that girl who was so sexy and so desirable, and she got really famous really fast for her pop songs? She was dancing around in a schoolgirl uniform, being everybody’s fantasy. No guy can deny how appealing something like that is, and oh, did she have an incredible, young, tight little body. But then she got sucked in by the music industry, and there were probably some drugs involved. Some loser got her pregnant, and the next thing you know, she’s shaving her head and attacking reporters’ cars with an umbrella, just basically being a mess. That sexy, beautiful girl we all remember was replaced by a foul-tempered monster. I think that’s a horrible loss to the world. Once a young, pretty girl lets herself go like that, there’s no getting her back. She’ll never be the same again. That pop star tried to get herself back on track, and she even tried to lose weight and shape up again, but it was never the same. She had just lost her sexy, and that was a loss to the world.”

Fiona admits that she does a lot of squats at the gym. Working out her sexy rear end is a big focus for her, because she thinks that of all the parts of her body that men admire, that’s the one she gets the most compliments on. “I have a gorgeous, heart-shaped ass,” she says, laughing. “It’s okay to notice and it’s okay to look. I think more men need to be honest about what they like. They say that women like confidence in a man, and it’s absolutely true. I guess a lot of guys don’t speak up about what they like and what they admire in a woman, because they’re worried about coming across as too obnoxious or too overbearing. No guy wants to be that fellow who hits on women when it’s unwanted. Or, maybe I should say that no guy should want to be him, but there are plenty of guys who I guess don’t really know when they are behaving that way. It doesn’t matter. I like a confident man, and if more men were confident in themselves, they would talk to sexy women they meet without a second thought. And they wouldn’t be afraid to compliment a girl on her body, especially if it’s obvious that she puts a lot of work into it, like I do.”

Fiona remembers one client in particular. “Our clients run the full range of men,” she said. “No matter how good looking they are, and no matter how successful they are when it comes to dating non-professional women, a lot of our clients are men who have done the traditional dating scene and become tired of it. So one of my clients was this gorgeous man who I just assume was a player in his real life, either before he started hiring Boston escorts, or maybe even during that time in his life. Either way, I was happy to be out with him. I was just as happy as I am with any of my other clients, but be honest. It never hurts when someone is just absolutely beautiful to look at. This man was. His good looks went beyond handsome and beautiful, a word we usually reserve for women. And boy did this guy have game. He looked me up and down and just asked me how many squats I did. It was his way of acknowledging my ass and the fact that he was admiring it.”

Every man can be more confident, Fiona explains, and this confidence attracts women. “Just be secure in who you are. Take what you want. Don’t be rude, but don’t be shy, either. That’s the best way to demonstrate to everyone around you, not just women, that you have the confidence to do what it takes, that you’re an effective person and worth her admiration and attention.”