Arousing Gabby is a red-hot bisexual whose favorite pastime is dancing. She is a club-goer who loves the night life. She is also a former pole dancer, one of several of our escorts who used to ply that trade. She likes fast cars and faster motorcycles, and stays flexible and in shape by doing yoga.


Age 26
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“A lot of girls, they play at being bisexuals,” Gabby admits. “For me, it isn’t like that. I know that every guy has this fantasy of seeing two girls together, seeing them make out, seeing them enjoy each other’s bodies. That’s a very hot fantasy. I admit it, it turns me on. I like it very much myself, and I like the idea of seeing myself in that scenario. When I’ve got a hot girl in front of me, she turns me on just as much as she does a guy who sees her. And if the two of us are in the room with a willing guy, then I’m happy to put on a show for him. It turns me on not just to be with a woman, but to have him watching me, having him watching us together. His eyes are moving over my body and over hers, and I know he’s getting excited seeing us play with each other and be romantic with each other. That’s such a turn-on for me. It gets me excited like nothing else I can imagine.”

Gabby goes on, “There is a lot of competition in this industry. Every girl who is a Boston escort is always trying to get noticed, trying to distinguish herself from the pack. It isn’t always easy. We’re all very good looking, so just being attractive and being desirable aren’t enough. You can distinguish yourself from ordinary, non-professional entertainers that way, but it isn’t enough just to look good if you want to stand out among other escorts. So some girls will cling to gimmicks. You’ll get that girl who talks about what a dominatrix she is, and you’ll get that girl who talks about how submissive she is. They’re both trying to get men to fantasize about them, thinking that if the men who see them are that turned on, that worked up, then maybe something will work out for them. Well, that’s not how I am. I don’t use my bisexuality as a gimmick. I really do like both men and women equally, and I don’t want to have to choose between the two.”

Gabby has definite opinions about both men and women. “I love men,” she says. “They’re so incredibly strong. There’s something about the masculine man that just turns me on by sight and smell alone. I love to just put my hands on a man, feel my hands running over his chest, and down to his butt, and I love the feeling of when he grabs me and holds me close. When a man has you in his arms, there is no better feeling of strength and love. You feel so secure, so safe. He’s just got you, and you’re all his. There’s something very disarming about that, something that speaks to what it must have been like to be a woman centuries ago, when the man who took you and possessed you was also the man who protected you from threats. It’s all so primal, when it comes to men. I think I respond to men on that primal level.”

Women, on the other hand, are just the opposite, Gabby explains. “Women are the polar opposite of men, for obvious reasons,” she says. “But that’s what makes them so undeniably appealing. A woman is soft and sensual in the same way that a man is strong and hard. When a man kisses you, it’s wonderful. He tastes and feels a certain way. But when a woman kisses you, that is so wonderful too. It’s soft and familiar, but unfamiliar and almost forbidden at the same time. You know that song, the one that talks about kissing a girl and liking it? That’s how I felt the first time I did it. Women are just this sensory experience in a way that men are not. Men are almost overpowering, in a good way. Women, by contrast, are more subtle. You can take your time and enjoy them more, sort of savor the taste.”

Yoga is Gabby’s constant companion. “Yoga is good for strengthening your body,” she says, “but it’s mostly good for staying flexible. That flexibility is what makes it possible for you to enjoy your life even into old age. I try to stay as supple and flexible as I can at all times. It takes work, but it’s very well worth it, and it keeps me looking young and hot. That’s what men really want.”