Inviting India is a beautiful young woman who stays in shape through weight training and aerobics. She loves to swim and is particular fond of swimming in the nude. She also enjoys kayaking, on those rare occasions when she can get away to do it. She is a former pole dancer who still retains the moves that made her popular in that profession.


Age 21
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Miaxed
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Pole dancing is something I’ll always remember fondly,” India admits. “It isn’t something I still do professionally, although I would be open to doing some of it in my personal life. But that’s not my point. My point is that pole dancing was really good for me. It taught me how to perform for a man. It taught me that my body has power, and when I enjoy my body, when I feel good in my skin, then I am at my most appealing to other men. That’ something that a lot of girls don’t actually understand. They think that approval and admiration from men, and therefore attention from men, comes from the outside. That’s actually not true at all. When I am most happy with me, that inner confidence and satisfaction radiates out of me, and men respond to that. The sexier I know I am, the sexier men find me. The more turned on I am when I’m on that pole dancing my rear end off, then the more desirable I appear when I’m on stage. It’s kind of like you’re manifesting your inner sexuality when you dance. You grab that pole, and the pole becomes your lover. The men who watch you, it’s like their participating with you. They’re making love to you with their eyes. It’s all incredibly stimulating and almost overwhelming. At least, it was for me the first few times.”

India goes on, “When a man makes love to me with his eyes like that, when he gives me his undivided attention, he’s giving my body power over him. He’s watching my every move. He’s almost hypnotized by my body. The better I move, the deeper I have him, and the more turned on I get, the more turned on he becomes, too. We’re almost having this ethereal, sexual dance with each other. The pole separates us, but connects us as well. So we’re making this connection from across the room, and I’m dancing, and sweating, and feeling my body work, feeling my muscles move. I am completely in the experience. It’s as close to Zen as I think I’m ever going to get, that feeling of being completely in the moment, completely mesmerized, and ready for anything that comes my way. If you were to ask me a question, ask me if I wanted to do something, the first few moments after I got down off that pole, I would say yes to just about anything. I became like a walking, over stimulated bundle of nerves when I was pole dancing. It is one of the reasons I thought I might be better suited to escort work. With escorting, it’s almost always one on one. I like that intimacy. I like being able to focus on just one person, rather than splitting my attention over multiple men.”

India explains that the performance in pole dancing is much like the performance as an escort, only more drawn out. “Pole dancing is a burst of physical activity, all at one time,” she explains. “It’s just this explosion. You put everything you’ve got into that dance, and then when you’re covered in sweat and exhausted, you walk off the stage and it’s the next girl’s turn. With escorting, it’s a much more drawn out process. I love knowing that I have as much time as my date wants in order to make my point. I can pace myself, really lavish attention on him, and show him how focused I am on him and his enjoyment of our time together. Men really like that focused attention. And when a man is happy, honey, you know about it. Men are so generous when they’re in a good mood. You please a man, and there’s absolutely nothing he won’t do for you in return. Most women haven’t learned that lesson. They could be getting everything they wanted if they just figured out how to be nice to the men in their lives.”

Staying in shape, India says, is just part of the job. “My body is my life,” she says. “More than just literally. Professionally, if I don’t look good, I can’t do my job as well. A man wants a girl who takes care of herself. He wants a nice, firm, round behind, nice legs, a tight stomach, pert breasts. These are just facts. If you can’t take care of your body, you’re all done.”