Steamy Marlena is a fan of extreme sports who lives for a good adrenaline rush. She likes anything that goes fast, and she believes that a life lived cautiously isn’t a life worth living at all. She does nude yoga and has dabbled in tantric yoga, but she finds more traditional sports, like volleyball and tennis, more to her liking. She gets easily bored at the gym and prefers to have a workout partner who can keep up with her.


Age 25
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“What is life but an opportunity to experience new things?” she asks. “But so many of us hold ourselves back because we’re slave to our fears. We are worried that something will go wrong. We worry that we could get hurt, physically or emotionally. We worry that maybe we won’t like something. All of these fears and worries do nothing but hold you back in life, preventing you from experiencing the richness that our existence has to offer. I vowed to myself when I was very young that I would live without fear. I charge forward and take what I want. I am always moving and I am never satisfied. I think that is part of what makes me such a great escort. I don’t accept less than perfect, and I strive to make everything I do as great as it can possibly be. When you live pushing your limits like that, sure, you’ll occasionally fail, but more often than not, you’ll end up showing yourself that there is almost nothing you cannot do.”

Marlena has pursued a variety of things that other people might find alarming or frightening in her quest for an adrenaline rush. “I live without fear,” she says, “and that means there are things I can do that the average person simply won’t. It isn’t that they can’t. They almost certainly can. But when fear holds you back, you don’t even bother to try. You just dwell in mediocrity and never take the chance. Well, I am happy to try any new thing, any extreme sport, any risky but fun activity. I don’t care if it’s hang gliding or bungee jumping or anything in between. I am happy to challenge myself. I think men respond well to that spirit of adventure. A man like a woman who is willing to try. He likes a wild girl. Sure, many men will tell you they want to be in control, but a man responds much more to a woman who is uncontrollable, wild, and fiercely beautiful. A man who finds himself with a woman like that is almost in awe of her, as if he is living with a wild animal and enjoying every minute of it.”

Marlena’s love of yoga is something she feels strongly about. “Too many people don’t understand the reality of yoga,” she says. “You probably know that yoga involves a lot of flexibility exercises that help maintain your freedom of motion. This is the yoga that most of us are familiar with, when you see people with their little mats going to class, that kind of thing. But there is another yoga, a much more involved yoga, called tantric yoga. This is the blending of yoga and sexual satisfaction. The one involves your body and its flexibility and making your body do what you want it to do. Why not add to that the other, more explicitly sexual aspects? If you’ve heard of tantra at all you probably have some odd ideas about what it does and doesn’t mean. At its core, tantra is about feeling good, making that feeling last for as long as possible, and having the most fulfilling sexual experience you can possibly arrange for yourself. It takes a lot of time, a lot of commitment, and a lot of work, but once you are doing it, once you have experienced it in full, you are ruined for anything less. You have exacting tastes and you don’t ever want to give it up.”

Marlena spends much more time at the gym doing more conventional exercises and sports. She attributes this to her very social personality. “I like to be around people who are having fun,” she says. “There is no greater group for that than people who do sports regularly at the gym. They like what they do, they enjoy their teammates, and they enjoy their bodies. That’s good company to be in. I like to push my body to its limits and then recuperate with the help of good friends. It’s great to spend time in their company and it’s great to always be fit and active. I think in this way you can truly live a long, happy life, enjoying everything that comes along during the journey. That journey, after all, is what life is truly all about.”