Flirty Megan is a naughty girl with a taste for fetish play. She is an animal lover who also considers herself an amateur photographer. She likes to pose for nude photos and is proud of her history as a fetish model. She is a keen follower of astrology, and enjoys playing poker and other card games that can be considered “social.”


Age 18
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I love to flirt,” explains Megan. “It’s just part of my makeup. When I meet a guy, there’s nothing I like better than to see where his boundaries are. It’s true that nothing might develop between us, and that’s okay. I don’t have any expectations and I’m not bringing anything into it that demands he respond a certain way. But flirting is just a way to push my boundaries and see just how good I am. How attractive am I? How desirable am I? Am I hot enough to make him confused or even forget what he was going to say? Is he distracted when he’s around me? Every beautiful woman has this power and I am always happy to see just how much I can push it. I would never take advantage of someone in this way. It’s all meant in good fun. But I love to be flirty and I love to talk to people while I get to know them. Meeting new people is so much fun. It’s the best thing in life, if you ask me. If I couldn’t meet new people and put the time in to get to know them, I think I would be very bored . I guess that’s why I like my job as a Boston escort so much.”

Megan’s taste for fetish play is another way she pushes boundaries and tests her limits. “Every man has fantasies,” she says, “and so does every woman. We all have our special kinks. Only the most hypocritical among us don’t admit that. I think you should accept everybody’s fantasy. They are all equally valid. After all, you don’t get to say what turns you on and what does not. It’s wired into you. Who can say what we imprint on when we’re younger? You just have to give it your best shot when it comes to finding someone who can fulfill your fantasies, normally. I think that’s why escorts are so popular. We approach a connection with an open mind. If you describe your fantasies to an escort, she isn’t going to make fun of you, or judge you, or not take you seriously. Can you believe there are people who actually go out on that limb, guys who actually open up to their girlfriends or wives about their secret desires, only to have those girlfriends or wives laugh at them or criticize them? I think that’s horribly cruel. I can’t imagine treating a man that way. And then these women wonder why their men stray, or why they find a better way to date, such as booking escorts.”

Megan goes on, “Most women today, most of them who aren’t professional entertainers, anyway, are remarkably ungrateful, bitter, entitled creatures,” she says. “Your average woman thinks she deserves everything she desires just because she woke up that day with a vagina. I don’t understand that attitude at all. It’s why men are increasingly tuning those women out. It seems like the voices critical of men are stronger than ever now, and louder too. Women who have everything they could ever want are always going on about sexism, and how it isn’t fair, and so on. The average guy just puts up with that. He absorbs the abuse. But he isn’t happy. He fantasizes about finding somebody better, somebody sexy and feminine who will treat him right, treat him with respect. That’s why you ladies are losing your men to escort services, you know. It’s because we understand how to treat a man right. We know what he needs and what he wants, and we’re smart enough to give it to him. A man who is getting what he wants from his feminine companion is putty in her hands. He’ll do whatever she asks of him because he actually wants to. A happy man is a willing man. Too many women just don’t understand that, and they spend their lives miserable and bitter as a result.”

For her part, Megan believes her primary value is in her ability to please men. “I am a professional entertainer,” she says, “and so anytime I’m working, I’m pleasing the men who meet with me. I know that their satisfaction is going to be what’s best for me. It leads to repeat business and it leads to client satisfaction. That’s what really matters in my world. Those are the things that drive my existence and get me going.”