Sensual Renee is a vivacious, fun-loving girl who enjoys dressing up in lingerie. She is happiest when she’s out shopping. She also likes to volunteer with local charities. To keep her fabulous body looking great, she walks extensively and also bicycles, sometimes in an organized spin class and sometimes just out on her own.


Age 25
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I just love to ride,” Renee explains. “I love to work my body out and get exercise that keeps me in good shape. I think that as a woman, the greatest thing you can do in this world is keep yourself in good shape. You owe it to the clients who take you out, when you are a Boston escort, to be as hot and sexy as you can be. If you fail in that, you’re letting them down. You’re not giving them the full package, the full fantasy, that is dating an escort. They want to be seen out and about with a very sexy, gorgeous lady. They want to spend time with you and get to know you, and sort of bask in the glow of how incredibly desirable you are. If you let yourself go, you can’t do that, and there’s nothing worse than a look of disappointment on a client’s face. We would never do that to one of our clients. We would never let them down that way. We always push ourselves to be as good looking as we can be, so that our clients get that great moment, that top-shelf experience, every time. Bicycling is one way to keep myself sleek, sexy, and toned. It makes me feel so good to sweat and ride and work out.”

Renee goes on, “I like riding outside better than taking spin class. Spin class is convenient, and working out on a stationary bike means that you can exercise effectively even at home if you have your own bike there. I like that least of all, because when I work out, I want to be around other people, or at least have the opportunity to meet other people. Biking at home, and I do have my own stationary bike at home, is just exercise. It’s a way of putting the time and work in when you don’t have another choice. There will always be those days when you can’t schedule your workout any other way, so that’s fine, because I don’t want to miss a day. I always want to be putting that workout in, and honestly, when you do that over time, you don’t feel right when you skip. If I miss my workout I start to feel bloated and lethargic. That’s not a sexy look. So I make sure always to put that work and time in.”

Renee explains what she likes most about her spin class, and it isn’t what you might think. “I like to show off my body,” she says ,”so I’ll wear the tightest biking shorts I can when I go to spin class, and I’ll wear as little for a top as I can get away with. When I am biking away in that class, I want the men in front of me and even the women sneaking glances back at me. I want to know that the people behind me are checking out my rear end. I love the idea that while I’m sweating and working out, they’re picturing me naked, or they’re picturing the filthy things they would like to do to me. That, to me, is very stimulating. It makes spin class very fun, and I have met more than one cute guy in that spin class. My tiny outfits really work well for me there.”

Renee continues, “Where bicycling is really great is outdoors. You’ve got the wind in your hair. You’ve got the sun on your face. You’re really connected to the rest of the world when you’re working out like that, out on the street, where the people are. Sometimes I just need to feel like I’m connected to the other people in the world, you know? Our work is very social, so I suppose I have come to really need to be around people, always meeting new people in my life. I tell you what, though, it means I am never bored. That’s a very good thing. I know that there are a lot of girls who would like to be where I am right now, and I never forget where I came from. I live comfortably and I get to lead a party lifestyle for my job. That’s a very good outcome for a girl like me. It isn’t something I take for granted. I’m grateful every day for how things have worked out in my life. I try to treat my clients well out of respect for that.”