Stunning River is a self-described beach bunny who spends as much of her vacation time as possible in different exotic, tropical locales. She loves the sun and loves being naked, and has developed a fondness for clothing-optional beaches. She loves to show off and spends her spare time looking for opportunities to do just that. She is also not above engaging in a variety of pranks and practical jokes with her friends and lovers.


Age 22
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I am a terrible exhibitionist,” River admits. “I like to go to the beach because I like to lie on the hot sand in the sun just showing off my body in the tiniest bathing suit imaginable. In fact, one of the little games that I play with myself is seeing if I can manage to get myself into a smaller bathing suit each time. Now, when you start out in a string bikini, this gets more and more difficult. Let’s just say that I’m operating a pretty high level of difficulty, at this point, and the only way to get more naked is to go to the clothing optional beaches. I’m only half joking. But I have to admit that the exhibitionist in me loves the thought that men are looking at me, husbands are sneaking glances at me, and the single men are staring at me openly when I’m sunning myself or walking down the beach. I love it especially when I’m laying out in the sun and a guy goes out of his way to come up with reasons to walk near me, so he can get a good, long look. If I’m lying there in a thong and I’m on my back, I make sure to turn over so he can get an eye full. After all, if he’s going to put in that kind of effort to get a good look at me, I want to make it easier for him. I love attention from men and I never get tired of being stared at. My body looks good and I know that. I show it off whenever I can.”

Making the transition to clothing-optional beaches was just a natural one, as far as River is concerned. “I’ve had the good fortune to be able to go to some tropical locations where the rules are different,” she says. “I honestly don’t understand why we are so uptight about nudity in this country. Maybe it goes back to our Puritan ancestors. I don’t know. I’ve been to Europe a couple of times, and the Europeans are absolutely not impressed by nudity. European television is full of it, and European beaches are covered in topless women. The nice thing about Europe, too, is that a lot of the people you see topless are actually people who look good with their clothes off. I love nothing more than to spot sexy, topless women when I’m on a clothing-optional beach, and then seek them out so we can walk together. I think it’s always more impressive when attractive women travel in groups, and a man likes to spot a whole group of sexy ladies together. It brings him a lot of pleasure and, honestly, anything that gives a man pleasure is something that makes me happy, too.”

River explains that her desire to please men is just part of her makeup, and the reason she is such a great escort. “I don’t know why it is,” she says, “but I just have this drive to please the men in my life. It doesn’t matter if they’re friends, acquaintances, or clients. I’m not really satisfied that I’m doing what I should be doing unless the men around me are pleased and happy. So many men aren’t. That’s no wonder, given how crappy we treat men these days. They’re always the villain, and yet they’re always the ones working their butts off for us. If you ever want to be really depressed some time, look up the words “friend zone” online and then check out some of the galleries you see. There are so many men going out of their way to lavish gifts and attention on women they really like, and those women just blow them off and treat them as friends. What’s worse, if a guy makes any kind of noise to indicate he’s in love with a girl and doesn’t want to just be her friend, women today get this attitude and act like talking about the “friend zone” is some misogynist act of entitlement. It’s no wonder the average guy just isn’t that happy, living in a landscape like that.”

River tries to make up for these things by being as friendly as possible, and as open to new experiences as possible. “The friend zone sucks for everybody,” she says. “Avoid it always.”