Luscious Tammi is a sensual, warm, and inviting young lady who enjoys music and going to concerts. She has an extensive collection of vinyl records and likes to collect album art and rock concert posters. She enjoys rollerblading and cycling, and also enjoys running in the park and lying out in the sun to tan. She is especially fond of being seen and admired by men of all ages.


Age 25
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Music is very important to me,” Tammi explains. “I think music is the ultimate form of human expression. That’s why music has always been with us, from the earliest years of when we were human beings, crouched together in caves without even having discovered fire yet. The earliest humans were able to bang on things that made noise. They had primitive percussion music long before they had real instruments. I think, just like cave drawings show us humans have been exploring their world in writing all these years, if they had possessed some way of recording their music, they would have. They might even have done so, but we don’t know how to interpret what they left behind, and the passing of time has destroyed so much more of it. But I am absolutely obsessed with the idea that ancient humans had a developed music, or a kind of music, that we have lost today because there was no way to pass it down. I am willing to bet that humanity has lost more facts like that than it realizes, because there is no one around to remember and therefore we don’t know any better.”

Tammi admits that she has a fascination with aliens and television shows about ancient cultures and ancient mysteries. “There’s that crazy guy with the crazy hair who thinks everything is aliens,” she says. “That’s a funny meme, but I love shows about ancient humanity. There is so much to our ancient world that we don’t really understand today. We think we know how the pyramids were built, but still, there are some unsolved mysteries there too, or rather, some theories that don’t quite work. One of my favorite obsessions is the idea that some of our religious texts, which depict gods and angels and demons, might actually be historical references to visits by aliens.”

“I got really excited when they said they found that face on Mars,” Tammi goes on. “I was disappointed when it turned out not to be some kind of giant statue. The idea that there might be this enormous Sphinx-style statue on Mars, and a dead society that used to exist there, is just too much of a turn on. I love that idea, that there were old societies that have all died out, and we could explore their old temples and art and the way things were for them. In some ways, I think that’s more exciting than if we were to find a living race of aliens. That’s because if they’re all dead, there is this mystery to solve about their past, and clues we can go looking for to try to solve that mystery. But if they’re still alive, if they have history and secrets, they’re going to keep that to themselves until they decide to share it. You know how that old television show goes. If the aliens show up, well, they probably don’t have our best interests at heart. It’s probably a cookbook, you know? But I did see a show once, a science fiction show, in which the punch line was that the aliens did really want to help, and we just didn’t trust them. So I guess you never know.”

Roller blading and cycling are ways for Tammi to stay connected to the outside world while keeping her gorgeous body in shape. “I love the speed that comes from being on wheels,” she explains. “I love to feel the wind in my hair as I race along on my blades or on my bike. And I like to dress really sexy when I do it. It’s fun to think of all those men who are watching me as I go past, and how I am probably improving their days a little. That’s the thing. It doesn’t take a lot to make most guys happy. Just the presence of a pretty girl for some of them is enough to make everything better and brighter.”

Tammi is very impressed, in fact, by the power her beauty has over the opposite sex. “It’s incredible to me that just looking like I do, and being friendly, is enough to change a man’s mood,” she says. “This is definitely the reason I like being an escort. It’s like having super powers. I can bring happiness to any man just by being myself. How special is that? I love it.”